About Us

Planted Flowers series and Bible study workbook center around building a community of support for Christian women. Many of us are hurting, need prayer, need love, and want fellowship. But sometimes, a private group is a safer place. One where everyone knows to inspire hope, encourage others and listen well. Through Jesus Christ, we can provide that network of support we all need. Join us and learn more about prayer and forgiveness surrounded by love!

We are on God’s team.

Rebuilding our lives

Why You Should Join Us

This community is a private place for just us. You and I invite new members.

We make this a haven full of prayer and encouragement. We seek to inspire hope and love richly. We support each other.

Each class is uniquely built to encourage women in their prayer life, organization, and work-at-home help.

A Big Thanks

With your help, I can create a more significant community for all of us. And I will spend more time writing devotions and Christian suspense. I hope to draw many women to Christ, a deeper relationship with God and give them Hope, Encouragement, Love, and a Listening Ear.